Films4Europe is an active media project in the intercultural context of the four twin towns Murrhardt in Germany, Frome in England, Château-Gontier in France and Rabka-Zdrój in Poland.

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The main idea is to encourage an exchange between young people of the four twin towns and in addition to that, achieve the continuance, expansion and sustainable development of the already existing youth ambassador network. The youth ambassador project – also called “Friends for Europe” exists since 2008 and consists of a group of young people of each twin town. This group organises projects and meetings, like for example language courses for their friends in the twin towns.

With our project we want to acPräsentation Films4Europe_008hieve that more young people know about this unique project and the chances it offers to them:

getting in touch with people from three different countries, learning a lot about the other towns cultures and the way of life of the Friends for Europe there, having the possibility to travel to the different countries and stay in host families, improve language skills – and of course – make a lot of new friends abroad.

In our opinion, it would be great if there was a permanent core of active youth ambassadors to implement projects between the towns together and to integrate new members into this group.

How are we going to move towards this aim?

We are going to start at the twin town meeting from 21st to 24th of July 2016 in Murrhardt, where we get to know each other and already talk about the topic the films should have. This could be for example favourite places of young people in the four towns or popular free time activities.

After that, between September and December 2016, we are going to offer film workshops in each town. In four days the groups will learn all about producing a short film on their own. Together we are going to work on the theme of town twinning and what Europe means to us. We would like the young people to get aware of their active role in the european society.

But first of all we want to encourage a lively exchange between the groups of young people in each town. To stay in contact with the others, every town includes challenges in their film that the next town has to master! Thereby and also by sharing texts, pictures and videos with the other young people on the blog on this website we will constantly interact with the groups of the other towns, share ideas and: exchange views!

Exchange yourviewsIn the end the videos are forming one film that puts all the different perspectives together. This film could help us promote the youth ambassador project and find people who also want to be “Friends for Europe”.